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Welcome to our Hockey Club in Copenhagen!

Experience the spirit and energy of our club, where international players come together to play in the top division of Denmark. Join us for exciting matches and social activities!

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Celebrating Success: Our Journey in the Top Division of Danish Hockey

As a hockey club, we take pride in our participation in the top division in Denmark. With recent achievements and accolades, we have established ourselves as a competitive force in the league.

With our top-notch facilities, including the best water pitch in Denmark, and our amazing indoor hall, we offer an unparalleled hockey experience.

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Meet our Teams

Women's team picture

Women's Team

Our Women's team is a force to be reckoned with, bringing their determination and teamwork to every game in the top division.

Men's Team picture

Men's Team

Our Men's team competes in the top division in Denmark, showcasing their skills and passion for the sport.

Youth Team Picture

Youth Team

Our Youth team is the future of our club, nurturing young talent and fostering a love for the game.

Masters' Team picture

Masters' Team

Our Master's team is for experienced players who still have a passion for the game and love having fun.

From Team Outings to Community Events, We Foster a Strong Sense of Camaraderie.

Join our hockey club and experience the benefits of a social and international community. Connect with players from around the world and participate in top-level competitions while enjoying a vibrant social atmosphere.

  • BBQ at home, next to our blue pitch
  • Playing paddel tennis with the team
  • The Team celebrating Christmas together at the clubhouse
  • The Team on our annual pubcrawl event
  • People from both our teams having a beer in Aalborg
  • The ladies' team having dinner at the Eurocup 2024
  • Team dinner afetr playing the Mason Cup

Join our hockey club today!

Experience the thrill of competitive hockey and join our vibrant community of players.

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Where is the club?

The club is located in Valby Idrætspark. (Valby Idrætspark, Ellebjergvej, 2450 København)
You can meet us on the awesome blue water pitch from mid-March to October, or find us in the fabulous hall next to it from November to beginning of March.

We are very close to the train and metro stations “København Syd”, and the Metro stop “Mozarts plads” whithin waking distance.

How can I join?

To join our teams, simply show up at the pitch during practice time.
Feel free to come and practice with KH's teams a few times.

Mid-March to October: Meet us at the blue water pitch.
November to beginning of March: Find us in the indoor hall.

When do the Teams practice?

Our team practices are held on weekdays in the evenings.

Outdoor (Mid-March to October)
 Women's Team: Tue and Thu 18:30-20:00
 Men's Team: Tue and Thu 19:30-21:30
 Youth Team: Thu 17:30-18:30
 Masters' Team: Thu 18:30-20:00

Indoor (November to beginning of March)
 Women's Team: Wed 19:0 - 20:30
 Men's Team: Wed 20:30-22:30
  + Mix practice on Mondays 21:00-22:30
 Youth Team: Wed 18:00-19:00

Are there any fees?

Yes, to join either our Women's Team or the Men's Team, there is a membership fee of 650 DKK billed twice annually.

Membership fee for the Youth Team is 750 DKK per year.

Membership fee for the Master' Team is 650 DKK per year.

To be part of our support club "KH's Venner" membership fee is 250 DKK billed annually.

I don't have any hockey gear with me. Can I borrow from the club?

Yes, we have spare sticks and shinguards for you to borrow. We recommend that you buy a mouthguard at any sports shop in Copenhagen.

Do you play both Indoor and Outdoor?

Yes, we play outdoors from March-October and indoors from November-February.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us.

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