KH Membership fee

Try before you buy!

Feel free to come and practice with us a few times as part of your introduction to KH.

Only after you've had the chance to meet a few members of the team, over a drink and a bite to eat after a game will we hope you'll be ready to formally join the KH family and pay the membership fee detailed below.


Membership fee

New members can sign up using the links below: 

Men's team (650 DKK twice-annually)

Ladies team (650 DKK twice-annually)

Fun hockey  - For players who only practice and are not playing games (650 DKK yearly)

Youth team (650 DKK yearly)

Youth team at the School in Sydhavnen
(500 DKK yearly)

Support club for Copenhagen HC - Støtteforeningen KH´s venner
(250 DKK yearly)